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home : opinions : your opinions September 14, 2014


Westlund looks out for middle class
Kelly Westlund would be a representative that truly understands and supports the issues of those of us living in the 7th Congressional District. For example, Kelly supports raising the minimum wage, extending unemployment compensation, and equal pay for women. Duffy supports none of these issues and has one of the most anti-women voting records in Congress.
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Good riddance to patch of weeds
The removal of the patch of weed story from the boulevard in the 700 block on Main Street, is the best news that you have published in The Chronotype in many years.
I do not see that a bunch of weeds on the Main Street in Rice Lake could induce a lakeshore property owner to plant a bunch of weeds on the beautiful shores of his property.
If this were my lakeshore, this Main Street monstrosity would incite me to clean my lake shore and destroy all of the weeds ... Kenn Skrupky

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
How many others?
According to a facebook posting by Mary Burke, "38,000 Wisconsinites are currently uninsured. Governor Walker's decision to decline federal aid to expand Badger Care Plus under the affordable Care Act resulted in cuts that have yet to be addressed."
Similar to Gov. Walker's actions are Gov. Brownback's of Kansas. As a result my cousin in Kansas, Ann, is uninsured for healthcare. She is disabled due to a bad back and complications ...Valerie Grant Rude, Rice Lake

Monday, September 1, 2014
Flipping the narrative
Let's take a trip down Memory Lane. Back in 2012 we had a presidential race where one of the candidates was portrayed as an out of touch with the people elitist. Mitt Romney was a millionaire who could not relate to the middle-class people of Wisconsin according to the narrative. He knew 47% of voters would not support him and he was right. He lost here in Wisconsin and nationally. Never mind that Romney gave all of the money he inherited from his father to charity. He and his wife Ann practically ...Keith Best, Waukesha
Monday, September 1, 2014
Translating Tea Party doublespeak
In last weeks' Chronotype, Assembly candidate Romaine Quinn treats us to a litany of Tea Party stealth propaganda. The Chronotype and most mainstream media outlets continually let us down in regard to critical information about candidates in local, regional and state elections. They do not ask about party and organizational affiliation or have the candidate lay out specifics.
Have you ever noticed how candidates of both parties never display a party affiliation on their campaign signs and literature? Are they not proud of same or are they hoping to confuse? Mr. Quinn's letter was full of the Tea Party talking points, if you are not aware. Let me translate some of Mr. Quinn's quotes.
• "Stopping federal over-reach." Translation, first of all I would like to remind Mr. Quinn that he is running for a state office. Perhaps he is confused. Anyway, it is his statements I am parsing. What he really means is-I will work to remove all federal oversight of corporations like Koch Industries, so they may continue to do whatever they want to do in the quest for the almighty dollar.
I will work with President er ... I mean Gov. Walker to divert your tax dollars to for-profit charter schools. Instead of the government using tax dollars for the common good, and to help the truly needy, I will work to divert an ever larger share of the U.S. budget to the likes of the Koch brothers, who already get tens if not hundreds of millions in government subsidies a year and somehow deserve even more.
• "Conservatives believe ... Mike Paradise

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
How many pencils?
My wife and I finished the school shopping for our son a couple weeks ago and were shocked that a second grader would need: 36 pencils, and 10 glue sticks. I don't think I used 10 glue sticks in my whole elementary school career, ... Jesse McGuire, Rice Lake

Thursday, August 21, 2014
State health care revisions needed
"I'm so glad to see you," Mary from Eau Claire told me at a recent neighborhood gathering. I asked how she was doing.
"It's hard," she admitted. "I work 32 hours a week. I make $8.00 an hour. I tried to get more hours but they won't let me." Her husband, Tom, lost his maintenance job at the university. He's a 23-year Army Reserve veteran but there's no pension and no new job in sight. 
"My twin sister lives in La Crosse. I love her dearly. I haven't seen her since Christmas. I'd love to visit her but when I get all the bills paid, I don't even have $20 for gas to get me there and back," Mary said. "And, I don't have any health insurance. What if something happened to one of us?"
The couple falls through the cracks of Wisconsin's health insurance safety net. Hitting bottom with an unexpected medical expense would devastate them - and hurt all of us.
The holes in this safety net could be patched. Mending the net would help Mary, Tom, and couples like them while also bringing down the cost of health insurance for all the rest of us. Mending the net would also make a big difference in the state's ability to balance its books.
According to State Health Facts compiled by Kaiser Family Foundation, about 14% of those in Wisconsin between age 19 ... Sen. Kathleen Vinehout

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Eulogy for common sense
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated ...Sharon Droege, Cameron
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Protecting water resources is key
A program on Wisconsin Public Radio recently discussed "What would you miss if you moved from Wisconsin?"  Bountiful, clean water was a common theme from callers as our greatest natural resource. From fishing to swimming to drinking to agriculture, Wisconsin would be nothing without it. And yet we are allowing it to be greatly exploited for frack sand mining.
The exploitation risks both the quality and the quantity of this precious resource. And for what?  We could say we need the energy from fracking the oil shale in the Dakotas, etc. But most of the energy is exported, which only makes any kind of sense when you realize that much of this fracking is being paid for by corporations from across the world.  
We could say we need the jobs. But solar and wind energy products would make more jobs that would be much cleaner and long lasting.  
We could say that fracking is 'safe,' but the same radio program later interviewed a veterinarian who shared some of the health issues they are already seeing from fracking. Why don't the companies reveal the many chemicals they use?  
They have bought and sold our ... Jean Farrell

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Facts don't add up for Scott Walker
I did some fact and source checking on figures in Sam Jacobson's letter. He quoted Chief Executive Magazine ratings Wisconsin 14th best for business. This is not surprising as this result is from a survey of its readers, CEOs. No surprise that tax cuts for the wealthy and lack of regulation would be popular with that group, they are all about the rich getting richer at the expense of everyone else and the environment.
The rest of us, middle class and low income folks face a less rosy set of facts. Wisconsin is last in the Midwest and 37th in the nation in job growth. The unemployment rates in all 32 of our state's major cities and 61 of 72 counties is up and unchanged in the other 11.
The statement of 20,000 new businesses is another fudging of facts. Walker claimed 17,000 recently and was shot down when it was revealed that these "businesses" include nonprofits and LLCs, which are set up for tax and liability purposes that don't create jobs-check Politifact.
The majority of job growth ... Michelle Hyllested,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


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