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home : opinions : your opinions January 24, 2015


Humane questions
I have many questions about the stray dogs of Barron County that have no voice. People that care need to step up. We need to make sure the innocent victims of human irresponsibility are not abused.
If Cameron cannot afford to transport strays to Barronett Happy Tales Boarding what happens to them? How many other communities will follow this trend? What kind of care will they receive in a police department basement?
If they are sick what happens? Who is going to walk them? Since most are not claimed what happens next? How are they going to...Michelle Hyllested, Rice Lake

Monday, January 19, 2015
Enough is enough
Would state management endanger wolves? Three days following the relisting of Great Lakes wolves, one of Wisconsin's wolf recovery biologists, Richard Thiel answered, "The jury is out."
The following examples of mismanagement by Wisconsin may have something to do with that: 17 wolf packs are gone; 500 killed in trophy hunts; 170 killed at the behest of livestock farmers; 180-360 poached wolves; decrease in pack size to 3.2; the unprecedented use of hound dogs trained to track, trail and fight with ...Melanie Weberg, Osceola

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Reader inspired by positive letter
It was so inspiring to read Karyn Schauf's letter in The Chronotype. Her uplifting and positive attitude can show us all how to be happy in life. Sure, we can dwell on the opposite if we look at life that way.
Following her letter, a Mr. Johnson showed his outlook on life with his negative thoughts. Apparently he is not a happy camper. His negativity seems to imply that he is not a Christian but knows all about the history of religions. I would suggest he read the Bible, especially the gospel of John. Perhaps he would change his beliefs.
Louie Armstrong sang, "What A Wonderful World." That's a great way to look at life!
Recently I worked a cryptogram in a puzzle book. It said "A chip on the shoulder usually means there is wood higher up." Fitting?
God bless us, everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Election may have brought on more Christmas cheer
Awww... Christmas is past. Its success will be measured in a variety of ways - whether we refrained from eating too much, spending too much or stressed too much. But in my book Christmas 2014 will go down as a pretty good one -really one of the nicest in recent years-as I observed bustling local stores, a contagious cheerfulness, an abundance of smiles and frequent "Merry Christmas" greetings.
Many of our treasured Christmas traditions originated in Germany as a result of Martin Luther's launch of the German Reformation. However, all that changed when the Nazis took over in the 1930s. The signs...Karyn Schauf, Barron

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Citizens hurt by ACA aid rejection
The intention of the Affordable Care Act was to bring insured healthcare to every citizen by providing an exchange for private insurance and expanding BadgerCare for working people with very low incomes. The percent of uninsured dropped most significantly in states that implemented all the features of the ACA. In Wisconsin, where Gov. Walker refused to expand BadgerCare, the percent of uninsured dropped from 11.6% to 9.75%. (Read about it on the Kaiser Foundation website.)
Right now, BadgerCare provides insurance for adults with an annual income up to $11,700. If the governor had accepted expansion, the level would now be $16,100.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Right to work law needed
Concerning your editorial arguing against right to work legislation, perhaps you are aware that there is a lot of negative feeling toward unions in general.  That is not hard to explain.  To a lot of people, myself included, unions seem to have done a lot of bullying over many decades.
When I was growing up in the fifties I would sometimes see rock throwing scenes on the television news as a result of strikes somewhere.  I didn't like that, as certainly nobody should.  That is violence. Thrown rocks can be lethal force.  At the time I didn't quite understand... Brian D. Rude, Rice Lake

Monday, December 15, 2014
Northwoods in ruin due to overlogging
When I was younger, I thought I lived in the greatest state of our union. Many hours, weeks and years have I fished its waters and hunted its wild north woods. But that was then and this is now.
Overlogging over development and overpopulation all in the name of 'makin a buck' have eroded the 'wild' away from our once beautiful lands north of Hwy. 8. The county logging and even the state lands have been stripped of timber, trails severely widened to allow diesel trucks to drive completely within wooded interiors and turn around to be loaded.
"Rip it and flip it" is today's 21st century philosophy for logging and it has turned even our so-called National Forest into nothing more than a city park.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Beavers aren't the dam problem here
There have been many arbitrary and unjustified decisions concerning Bear Lake's levels since 1999. Some were self-serving to a small group of Bear Lake Association members, while others served the misdirected bureaucratic intentions of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Barron County. Most of the decisions were based on distorted opinions that ignored Bear Lake stewardship ethics and were without input from the greater Bear Lake community.
Barron County owns the Haugen dam and, with that ownership, comes the responsibility to maintain a lake level conducive to protecting navigation rights and the ecology of Bear Lake. In turn, that responsibility requires an open and transparent discussion of the management of the Haugen dam water gates over the past 15 years.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Let's boost minimum wage
UW-Milwaukee Professor Marc Levine's Center for Economic Development October 2014 study, "Is Wisconsin Becoming a Low-Wage Economy? Employment Growth in Low, Middle, and High Wage Occupations: 2000-2013," uses Bureau of Labor Statistics data to illustrate low-wage jobs are growing faster than middle- or high-wage occupations.
Levine divided Wisconsin's 750 occupations into three tiers based on median wages, adjusting wages...Jeanne Larson, Phillips

Monday, December 1, 2014
So many to thank
hank the person who encouraged you to be your best. Thank the person who taught you a new skill. Thank the person who believed you could do it when you thought you could not. Thank the person who saw the best in you. Thank the person who offered to help you when you thought nobody would. Thank the person who once was a stranger and now is a trusted friend. Thank the person who listened to you ...Melinda Pedersen, Birchwood
Monday, December 1, 2014


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