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home : opinions : your opinions February 26, 2015


Act 10 short on promised results
I found some interesting information on DPI's (Dept. of Public Instruction) website a few weeks ago that many of you might want to take a look at. The webpage is "http://www2.dpi.state.wi.us/sfsref/ref_Home.aspx."
I was astounded by the number of K-12 referenda for the April 7 election coming up fast. This page gives not only upcoming referenda, but past information on referenda relating to the K-12 system.
What perked my attention was the election last November when the Hudson School District tried for a $100 million referendum, which failed. It seems to me that the quantity of K-12 referenda across the state has reached epidemic proportion.
Only a few short years ago, Gov. Walker said Act 10 would solve the state's K-12 systems problems by giving the school districts the tools they need. If this is true, then why the high quantity of referenda by the K-12 school districts across the state?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Walker makes state a laughing stock
When did the state of Wisconsin agree to become a Tea-Party state? In a blink of an eye, it happened ... when Republicans elected Walker! So as a state, how has Walker's reign changed us?
Well, now as a state, we no longer believe in the strength of our public schools, and instead, we are willing to farm out our education to "for-profit" and voucher schools, even though our public school scores have always ranked high in comparison to other states.
So now, as a state, we no longer believe in environmental protections, and we are willing to turn away from our decades-long conservation programs and beliefs, in favor of business-giveaways of our natural resources and public acceptance of industrial polluters.
So we are now willing to accept a stagnant minimum wage, but we have no problem allowing large corporations to make huge profits in our state without paying their fair share of taxes?
So we now pay private medical facilities taxpayer money, to directly cover their losses associated with treating our poor, indigent patients, but we, as a state, are unwilling to accept federal Medicaid dollars to cover such costs?
So we now borrow money for highways, but, in no way, do we plan for public transportation?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
City needs Willers' attention to detail
As a lifelong business owner and resident of the City of Rice Lake, I want to share a few thoughts. I have followed the City Council which Bruce Willers has served on for over 2 years as the representative of District 1, and I agree that Bruce Willers isn't always politically correct, but I believe he is making a difference for the hard working citizens of all of Rice Lake. He watches how every tax dollar is spent at the council level and has raised many questions to the city administrator about finance policies and how is being spent at the department levels.
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
UW undervalued by Walker
Wisconsin's unemployment rate is the second highest in the Midwest. So let's take money away from education. After all, the UW system only educates future workers and job creators who are vital to the future development of Wisconsin. Yes, the technical schools will train people for technical jobs which are needed, also, but what about the jobs that require advanced math and communication skills. What about the jobs that require a college degree? Those future jobs and employees come from the UW system.
Gov. Walker has said that colleges can raise their tuition rates as high as they want. College is already too expensive for many qualified applicants. So let's make it even more expensive?
Walker has suggested that teachers could add another class to their schedule to offset costs. Has he or anyone in his administration ever bothered to find out what teaching a college class entails by following a professor or instructor during a work day? Besides the teaching of the class, there is the preparation time including reviewing the latest research, office time to help students understand the material, creating and grading tests and student papers, departmental meetings, and administrative forms to complete.
Colleges train and educate workers for the future. The UW system is a valuable and vital asset to the future of Wisconsin. Don't mess with it!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
News is not news
It's funny, this is an opinionated piece of writing that is more or less attacking opinionated "news." However, I do not find it to be contradictory because this is an opinionated section of the newspaper. My only hope is that it sees light in a community that I believe could use a bulb. By no means am I being hostile towards the community where I sprouted, but after being away for 10years traversing the globe and serving this wonderful country, I have come back to a disturbing setting. What I have come back to see is the main stream media with a stranglehold on the minds of small town, good hearted people.
Exhibit A: The Airport
This past summer before going to teach abroad ...Jacob Joe Peterson, Cameron

Monday, February 2, 2015
Humane questions
I have many questions about the stray dogs of Barron County that have no voice. People that care need to step up. We need to make sure the innocent victims of human irresponsibility are not abused.
If Cameron cannot afford to transport strays to Barronett Happy Tales Boarding what happens to them? How many other communities will follow this trend? What kind of care will they receive in a police department basement?
If they are sick what happens? Who is going to walk them? Since most are not claimed what happens next? How are they going to...Michelle Hyllested, Rice Lake

Monday, January 19, 2015
Enough is enough
Would state management endanger wolves? Three days following the relisting of Great Lakes wolves, one of Wisconsin's wolf recovery biologists, Richard Thiel answered, "The jury is out."
The following examples of mismanagement by Wisconsin may have something to do with that: 17 wolf packs are gone; 500 killed in trophy hunts; 170 killed at the behest of livestock farmers; 180-360 poached wolves; decrease in pack size to 3.2; the unprecedented use of hound dogs trained to track, trail and fight with ...Melanie Weberg, Osceola

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Election may have brought on more Christmas cheer
Awww... Christmas is past. Its success will be measured in a variety of ways - whether we refrained from eating too much, spending too much or stressed too much. But in my book Christmas 2014 will go down as a pretty good one -really one of the nicest in recent years-as I observed bustling local stores, a contagious cheerfulness, an abundance of smiles and frequent "Merry Christmas" greetings.
Many of our treasured Christmas traditions originated in Germany as a result of Martin Luther's launch of the German Reformation. However, all that changed when the Nazis took over in the 1930s. The signs...Karyn Schauf, Barron

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


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