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Incident disturbing if true, says Rivard

Many people, myself included, were very disturbed by Mr. Mazel's letter to the editor last week. I, like others, were trying to figure out if Mr. Mazel was trying to right a wrong or to make political points. Why was this in the paper and not handled privately? The "perpetrator"was never mentioned in the letter and Mr. Mazel refused to give me the name when I called him.
Why was my name used three times and the offender not even mentioned? Why didn't Mr. Mazel approach either the offender or myself directly to try to rectify the situation? Apparently smearing my name was more important than confronting the offender and/or getting an apology.
My "Campaign Team" has known since I started over 2 years ago, that no one is allowed to "go negative" with my opponent or while campaigning for me. My rule was: if anyone does, they would be terminated from the campaign team by myself personally. I sincerely hope my opponents will do the same.
If this incident did happen, it is truly a shame and I apologize for my team member. I hope and pray that it did not happen. I want everyone to know, I will not get down in the mud, no matter what. My original plan was to not reply to negative letters, thus giving them credibility, but this is an important matter. I hope this ends here.


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